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  • Warp – Echo and Swap Abilities
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    Warp, a strategic, stealth-action puzzler where gamers play as Zero. Loveable yet lethal, Zero is a little orange alien with a big score to settle. Abducted by scientists from his home world and taken to an underwater research facility, Zero must rely on his unique abilities to warp through walls and plan his ultimate escape. Gamers can play Warp their way by eliminating every human in sight or going for a no-kills stealth approach.



    • Wreak Havoc with Alien Powers– Make your way through puzzle-based levels using your powerful abilities and upgrade them along the way.
    • Warp – Teleport instantly through walls, over obstacles, and into objects.
    • Frag – Warp into objects or humans and destroy them from the inside.
    • Echo – Create a decoy of yourself to distract enemies
    • Swap – Place your Echo over an object to instantly switch places with it
    • Launch – Warp into objects and fire them away from you at high speeds
    • Evade or Eliminate—Take revenge and kill every human in the facility, or hide and plan your way through each level for a no-kills stealth approach.



    Evade or Eliminate – Take revenge and kill every human in the facility, or hide and plan your way through each level for a no-kills stealth approach.



    Unreal 3 Sci-Fi Madness—Cutting-edge visuals and a strategic top-down perspective that lets you visualize your attack and plan your escape from the sprawling undersea base.


    System Requirements

    OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista with SP2, Windows XP with SP3
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz or better, AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.0GHz or better RAM: 2gb
    Video Adapter: ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256MB or NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT 256MB or equivalent.
    Hard Drive: 1.5 GB
    Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    An Internet Connection is required for software activation.

    Installation Notes:

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    • Solemar
      April 24, 2014
      Reply #1

      Shame we have to put up with Microsoft’s desperate srmlcbae for timed exclusivity on yet another great looking game, but guys, as soon you have this available on PC, I’m gonna be right there on day one. Looks awesome.I know you can’t talk about it, but I’m assuming like so many other MS Studios co-productions (Limbo, Braid, Joe Danger 2, etc) this will find it’s way to PSN sooner or later wink wink nudge nudge, eh? Just saying cos I’d probably double dip if and when it does.No interest in another Xbox at this stage. Those things couldn’t be any less reliable if they were made out of tissue paper.

      • Enter your Name
        September 26, 2014
        Reply #2


    • Name
      October 1, 2013
      Reply #3

      Enter your Name

    • YES!!
      August 17, 2013
      Reply #4


    • Enter your Name
      April 4, 2012
      Reply #5


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