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    Gameplay 8.5
    Graphics 8
    Sound 7.5
    Difficulty Medium
    Concept 9
    Multiplayer 9
    Overall 8

    Virtual Skipper 5 (MULTi6)
    PC Game | Release : 3 Oct 2008 | Sport, Simulation | Size: 898 MB | ISO
    Languages: ITA/GER/ENG/FRE/ESP/PL

    Gameplay Screenshots

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    Just a quick post about the latest release from RELOADED – they cracked previously posted 32nd America’s Cup: The Game and released it under the different (and more common) name Virtual Skipper 5. The game is exactly same, but there’s one weird thing – their release is almost 3 GB smaller than the first one from group iTWiNS. The only possible reason for such a change could be removing 4 other languages , which were contained in the Clone release and leaving it only in English.

    Considered to be the ultimate in nautical simulations, the Virtual Skipper
    series has enjoyed huge critical and commercial success over the past few
    years.Take part in thrilling regattas aboard world-class boats on a sea
    surging with realism in single- and multiplayer games.

    The latest version of Virtual Skipper is packed with features that will delight
    all sailing fans, the highlight being a magnificent campaign dedicated to the
    America’s Cup. The game enables you to skipper the finest competition boats
    currently available in over 14 different ocean water courses; the settings for
    the most prestigious international competitions.


    • Online play
    • Game modes for beginners to advanced players
    • Hours of gameplay


    • Steep learning curve
    • Not all computers meet the minimum requirements
    • Slow moving gameplay – dull at times


    * 3D regatta simulation – the ultimate in sailing in computer games
    * A vast single player game, featuring an America’s Cup campaign as the
    highlight of the game
    * Skipper the 12 official boats of the America’s Cup, the Trimaran Open 60,
    the Offshore Racer and the Melges 24 in single-player or multiplayer games.
    * Navigate the 14 legendary ocean water courses, including Valencia,
    Marseille, Trapani and Malmö, official sites of the America’s Cup.
    Discover the prime locations for competitive sailing such as San Francisco,
    Sydney, Porto Cervo, Auckland, Vancouver, the Isle of Wight, Quiberon and
    Qingdao. We have the exotic in store for you with the Bay of Rio and the
    mouth of Vesuvius.

    System Requirements

    Minimum system requirements:

    • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    • Processor: Pentium4 1.6GHz / AthlonXP 1600+
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM (512 MB with Vista)
    • 3D graphics card: 32 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • Sound card: DirectX 9 compatible
    • DirectX: 9.0c version
    • Hard disk space: 1.5 GB
    • Multiplayer: LAN/56K modem (or higher) for online play

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    Download full version pc games free

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    How to install:
    * Burn or mount
    * Install
    * Insert serial
    * Play and enjoy!

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    • brahim
      August 13, 2014
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    • ced
      October 7, 2013
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      hi, what login please????

      • Andrés
        January 1, 2014
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        Yes, please, what is the username??

    • jo
      February 15, 2012
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    • swedsail
      January 18, 2012
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      thanks for all

      • Laura
        April 24, 2014
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        အင .. ရ ဂ တ သ ခ င တ နပ ပ လ …တ က တ ဘ လ ဂ က တ …ထ အ မ သင ရ .. အ အခ စ ရယ ..န န ပ .. ဟ ဟ ..pet လ က တ ရခ အစ က ပ အပင စ က ရ ပ .. အ ပ ပ င တ .. က ခ န တ က တ သမ လ လ ပ တယ ..င က တ သ ငယ ၀င ဖမ တယ ..ပ က ဆ တ အက န သ မပစ ဖ တ မ ထ ရတ ပ လ.. သ တ က အ ရင mystery box သ သ ၀ယ လ .. Farm Ville က တ သ နတ ပ မ ရ က သ ဘ … လ လ ဆယ ဆ နတ Farm Village ထ မ က န နက ရ င မ က င လ သ လ ရက ထ လ ရတ အပင တ ပ စ က ထ တယ ..ဒ တ လ ရက လ က က မ ၀င ပ ရ တ သ မ လ က ပန စ က လ က န ဖ ဖ မ န မ န ပ ပ …ဒ တ င ပန ပင တ က မ န က ရလ လ င ပ လ …:P ဖ ဖ ပ သက ၀ရယ ..

    • Rastafarï
      September 18, 2011
      Reply #7

      Ty :) gg

    • charlie
      August 25, 2011
      Reply #8

      scusate qlk di voi è riuscito ad abilitarlo per il gioco online?…grazie

    • Fabio
      July 24, 2011
      Reply #9

      ma sbaglio o manca una lettera del seriale?

    • EnteAZDDr your Name
      April 3, 2011
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      • Kailee
        April 25, 2014
        Reply #11

        Haha, shouldn’t you be charging for that kind of know?edgel!

    • Tassone
      February 20, 2011
      Reply #12

      It’s perfect working….
      you cam send me the player key for my e-mail: denistassone@hotmail.com

    • Required: Name
      May 16, 2010
      Reply #13

      full game?

      • dopeman
        December 14, 2010
        Reply #14

        Its a full version game. Tested and working on XP, Vista and 7. enjoy :)

        • Enter your Name
          April 3, 2011
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    • yelken
      April 30, 2010
      Reply #16

      thank you from turkey. it is worked perfectly

    • Skidrow
      February 19, 2010
      Reply #17

      from which link you downloaded ?

    • redoni
      January 25, 2010
      Reply #18

      thnx…. game worked perfectly.
      this website… is the best !!!! :love:

    • sailor
      January 24, 2010
      Reply #19

      wow, nice game.
      graphics are awesome !

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