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  • Underhell Prologue Half-Life 2 mod
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    Underhell is an Episodic Story Line Single Player Modification for Half Life 2, based on the SMOD.

    In Underhell, you incarnate Jake Hawkfield, a Special Weapons and Tactics Operative, who recently married and moved in with his beloved wife.
    But soon after those happy events, his beloved wife dies in mysterious circumstances, only leaving clues that lead to believe in a suicide.
    Jake falls apart, and only his best friend, mentor and boss Frank is here to help him get over his grief.

    The mod begins with a wake up call from Frank, ordering Jake to come down to the station. An armed group of elite soldiers have taken control of a hospital and all it’s personnel.
    But Jake will soon realize that it is not a common Hostage Situation…


    Required Games: Half Life 2, Source SDK Base 2006


    II. About UnderHell


    1.) Running the game with the console enabled will disable the menu

    Underhell is a story line based mod with pre defined features that are enabled and disabled within the levels.
    Tweaking the features will result in playability issues and will most likely crash the mod.
    It is recommended to avoid playing with the console commands.

    2.) UnderHell is an Episodic Modification for Half Life 2, chapters will be released once they are developed.

    This is ONLY the prologue, not even the first Chapter

    3.) UnderHell’s Genre is very hard to describe, it would be a First Person Shooter Action/Adventure Psycological Survival Horror game with RPG elements.

    During The Prologue, you will only encounter some of these aspects, the Survival Horror, will only begin on Chapter 1.
    Nonetheless, if you like creepyness, you will like The House.

    4.) RPG ELEMENTS: Secondary quests with multiple outcomes, random survivors to rescue, many different items to scavenge, getting better equipment through exploration and not only game events.


    The House acts as the HUB for the mod, you can come back to it anytime via a special button on the Main Menu, every time you do something in The House it will save your progress.
    If you start The House via the Chapter Selection menu it will completely reset everything in The House and you will lose your progress.

    When you are in the house, you can check your Emails, your MailBox, answer the phone when it rings or just explore and try to uncover the mysteries that lurk in there.

    In order to Start a Chapter from The House, you must use the truck, but before that, you need to find your truck keys.

    Even though Jake’s Wife has recently passed away, you are not completely alone…

    .THE GAME.

    UnderHell is split in 3 different “zones”

    The first is The House, each new chapter will have it’s own version of The House, with different puzzles, different things to discover and diary pages to find.

    The second, are The Dreams, with each version of The House will come a set of dreams, only accessible via the Bed in The House, during the night.
    Dreams will give you bits of information about the story, and might help you understand some future events better.
    Dreams are not mandatory, meaning you can finish the mod without playing through them.

    The third zone, are the Chapters, where Underhell really takes place, you access a chapter via The House, and when you are done with the chapters you come back to The House.
    When everything has been done in the Chapters and in The House, you must go to sleep in order to access the next version of the house.
    That is, when it will be released of course…

    IV. Tips & Hints

    1.) It is recommended not to play with the console commands, nocliping around the maps or “impulse 101″ could cause some level glitches.

    2.) Kick often, kick everyone, kick each time you blink.

    3.) Use Ironsights and Scopes for more accurate shooting.

    4.) Don’t stick only with one weapon, try dropping it and playing with all weapons.

    5.) If you kill a civilian and you get a Mission Failed message, the game will not automatically reload, giving you the opportunity to go postal.
    Although you might enjoy yourself, you will not be able to progress through the game until you manually reload.

    6.) Grenades hurt, a lot, and they don’t have a red blinking indicator, so watch out.

    7.) Don’t forget about your Health Syringes, press H to select them, and then Fire to use.

    8.) You can lean by pressing Use+ Direction, or Z and C by default, use it wisely.

    V. Translation

    Underhell Prologue will be released in English Voices only, however it will contain English, French and Spanish subtitles upon released.

    The reason why only those 3 languages will be included is simply because they are the 3 languages I speak, and I took care of the translations.

    The translation will not be perfect, but it is available.

    If you wish to help for future translation in different languages, be sure to check out the official forums for that matter.


    This is an Action Packed Prologue to a Survival Horror, it is only the beginning…

    1.7 GHz Processor
    512MB RAM
    DirectX® 9 level Graphics Card
    Windows® Vista/XP/2000, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

    Pentium 4 processor (3.0GHz, or better),
    2GB RAM
    DirectX® 9 level Graphics Card (or higher)
    Windows® Vista/XP/2000, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

    Make sure you have Source SDK Base 2006 Installed, to install it go to your Library window on steam, then go in the Tools Tab and install Source SDK Base 2006.
    You might want to do this NOW, so you can play the mod directly when it is released.

    1. Double click the EXEcutable file, set the output directory to /../Steam/SteamApps/Sourcemods

    2. Restart Steam

    Download Links

    Total Size:

    507.03 MB

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