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    Hidden Springs has some references to the fairy tale Cinderella: The royalty of the neighborhood, the Vanderburg family is trying to get their “prince”, Sebastian married. Lonnie Pertridge has a fondest wish to marry her daughters, Eunice and Astrid to the “prince”, and they mistreat Ella Carlisle, Lonnie’s step-daughter, who is obliged to perform domestic roles. Following Cinderella story, the “prince” would end up marrying Ella Carlisle and despise Lonnie, Eunice and Astrid. The players are, however, free to choose their fate.



    • Become Forever Young – Will your Sims uncover the curious magical properties of Hidden Springs? Explore the World and you might discover rejuvenating waters, drink from the Foundation of Youth and your Sims wishes just might come true.
    • Explore New Locations – Hidden Springs is full of all-new locations, lots, and venues. Where will your adventures take you?
      • Mingle with the social elites at the Redwood Heights Luxury Lodge.
      • Experience true balance and well being as you bask in the ambiance of the Crystal Solarium Rejuvenating Waters.
      • Take imagination to another dimension of fun and fairy mischief at Fairyfolk Park.
      • Or, head to the Silver Zephyr Health Spa to discover world renowned techniques in the fields of health and beauty.
    • Exclusive New Items – Customize your game with dozens of all-new exclusive objects, clothing and hair that are only available with Hidden Springs.
    • All-New Sims and Stories – An exclusive retreat for the rich and the famous? Or a mysterious World with curious healing powers? Whatever the answer, one thing is certain: the Sims you meet in Hidden Springs will have all-new stories that are out of this World.

    System Requirements

    Processor Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
    Graphic Card graphic card 128 MB (GeForce 5900 or better); 5.3 GB HDD
    Ram Requirements 1.5 GB RAM
    Hard disk Space graphic card 128 MB (GeForce 5900 or better); 5.3 GB HDD
    Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7.

    Installation Notes:

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