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  • Tales of Monkey Island
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    Gameplay 8.7
    Graphics 8.4
    Sound 7.7
    Difficulty Easy
    Concept 8.1
    Multiplayer No
    Overall 8.5
    Once clear of its port of origin, this clever, humorous tale unfurls its sails and becomes a thoroughly entertaining swashbuckling adventure.Download full version pc games free

    Gameplay Screenshots

    Download full version pc games free


    The beloved adventure game franchise Monkey Island set sail on a new episodic journey earlier this year and has recently come into port with its fifth and final episode.

    Tales of Monkey Island chronicles the further adventures of Guybrush Threepwood–Mighty Pirate–as he pursues his often-imperiled wife, Elaine, and tries to vanquish his nemesis, LeChuck. Yet this tale is no heroic cliche, and it takes some amusing twists and unconventional turns.

    The relationships between lead characters are the engaging heart of the story, while the supporting cast and wacky environments provide ample opportunity for humor. This is a funny game, and though there are some lulls in the otherwise lively pace, the clever puzzles and the playful ways you have to go about solving them will keep you entertained for the duration. Tales of Monkey Island is a lengthy adventure that’s easy to enjoy and easy on your wallet, as well as sure to please both newcomers and veteran insult swordfighters alike.


    All EPISODES !!!

    *The story moves nicely among brisk action sequences, thoughtful puzzle wrangling, and expository cutscenes.

    *The superb voice acting and great dialogue bring these and other characters to life remarkably well.

    *Tales of Monkey Island doesn’t stick to predictable conventions, and it doesn’t resort to merely flipping these conventions on the heads.

    System Requirements

    Minimum Specs:

    • Single-core CPU with 2 GHz

    • 512 MiByte RAM

    • DirectX 8.1 graphics card with 64 MiByte VRAM

    Recommended Specs:

    • Single-core CPU with 3 GHz

    • 1024 MiByte RAM

    • DirectX 8.1 graphics card with 128 MiByte VRAM

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    Total Size:

    2.69 GB

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