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  • SBK 10 Superbike World Championship
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    Gameplay 7
    Graphics 7.5
    Sound 8
    Difficulty Medium
    Concept 8
    Multiplayer 8
    Overall 7

    SBK X is not a Motocross Racing Game, but the only official World Superbike Videogame.

    Gameplay Screenshots



    Speed, courage and adrenaline: live again the extreme challenge of the Superbike World Championship thanks to the fully renewed experience offered by SBK®X. Whether you’re keen on 100% realistic races or you simply want to gas your bike, SBK®X is the ideal game for you. Along with the Simulation mode – completely customizable – you will find the brand new Arcade mode to start skidding, tailing, and wheeling like a real ace. Two games in one to enjoy the best of the Superbike championship! In both Simulation and Arcade modes , SBK®X will allow you for the first time to race the 3 different classes: Superbike, Supersport and Superstock™1000. Dozens of riders and the best bikes in the world await you!


    And what’s more, you can create your own biker and improve your career through victories until becoming a real legend. And if you feel brave enough, you can face other players online: from a single race to the entire championship, you will contend victory with another 16 players!



    – X SBK: Superbike World Championship – a continuation line sim sportbikes. New models of motorcycles, realistic damage model, and other innovations will please fans of racing.
    – 1000 motorcycle types
    – 11 game modes (Quick Race, a challenge, team competition, and more)

    System Requirements

    Windows XP / Vista
    CPU: Intel / AMD 2,4 Ghz
    RAM: 2 GB
    GPU: GeForce 6600 ATI X700
    HDD: 7 GB

    Download Links

    Download full version pc games free

    Total Size:

    1.84 GB

    Fileserve Links


    Password : wxl

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