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    Gameplay 8.6
    Graphics 8.5
    Sound 8.1
    Difficulty Medium
    Concept 8.2
    Multiplayer Yes
    Overall 8.8
    The single-player is great fun, but the uninspired multiplayer leaves a lot to be desired.Download full version pc games free

    Gameplay Screenshots

    Download full version pc games free



    The Quake 4 single player mode continues the story of Quake II by pitting the player against a cyborg alien race known as the Strogg. The game follows the story of a marine named Matthew Kane who is a member of the fabled Rhino Squad. Following the success of the protagonist of Quake II in destroying the Strogg’s leader, the Makron, the Rhinos are tasked with spearheading the mission to finally secure the aliens’ home planet Stroggos. In the course of the invasion, the squad ship is shot down and crashes in the middle of a battle zone, separating Kane from his companions. Kane eventually rejoins his scattered team members and partakes in the assault against the Strogg.


    After performing a number of tasks, such as destroying and capturing Strogg aircraft hangars and defense systems, Kane and his remaining squad members make it to the USS Hannibal. There they are given their next mission: infiltrating one of the Strogg’s central communication hubs, the Tetranode, with an electromagnetic pulse bomb in the hope that it will put the main Strogg Nexus in disarray. Kane is tasked with defending the mission convoy, which takes heavy casualties. After many setbacks, including the destruction of the EMP device by a Strogg ambush, Kane is left to complete the mission, assisted only by Private Johann Strauss and Lance Corporal Nikolai “Sledge” Slidjonovitch. Strauss figures out a way to destroy the core by shutting down its coolant systems. As Kane reaches the entrance to the Tetranode, however, he is greeted by two rocket-equipped network guardians – as well as the newly constructed Makron. The Makron easily defeats Kane and knocks him unconscious.

    When Kane finally awakens, he finds himself strapped to a conveyor belt in the Strogg “Medical Facilities”, a structure used for turning those captured and killed by the aliens either into protein food or additional Strogg units. In a long and gruesome first-person cutscene, Kane is taken through this stroggification process which violently replaces much of his anatomy with bio-mechanical parts. Before the final controlling neurochip implanted in his brain can be activated, though, Rhino Squad bursts into the facility and rescues Kane. After escaping through the Strogg medical facility and Waste Disposal plant, fighting off zombie-like half-stroggified humans along the way, Kane is forced to combat his former commander, Lieutenant Voss, who has been fully stroggified into a powerful mechanized monster. (Voss nevertheless retains his own consciousness long enough to warn Kane.) After defeating this threat, Kane and the remaining marines finally make it back to the Hannibal.

    The commanders realize that Kane’s Strogg physiology has opened up new possibilities for defeating the Strogg, as he can be used to infiltrate locations previously impenetrable to human forces. The new plan is to directly target the Strogg Nexus Core, a huge centralized brain-like structure which controls the alien forces. Rhino and Raven Squads are tasked with infiltrating the three data processing towers adjacent to the Nexus, a huge data storage and processing tower. There, they will deactivate the Nexus’s shield and power up the teleporter used to access the Nexus and send Kane in. Once inside, Kane will travel to the center of the Nexus to destroy the Core Brain and its guardian.

    After infiltrating the facility and realigning the data nodes powering the teleporter, and destroying its fearsome “Guardian” creature, Kane finally reaches the Nexus core. There he meets the Makron in a final showdown and kills it. This done, he destroys the Core and returns to the Hannibal. Celebrating with Rhino Squad afterward, Kane receives word that he has new orders.

    System Requirements

    Minimum System Requirements
    OS: Windows 2000/XP
    Processor: 2.0 GHz
    Memory: 512 Mb
    Hard Drive: 2.8 Gb free
    Video Memory: 64 Mb (128 MB Recommended)
    Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
    DirectX: 9.0c
    DVD Rom Drive

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    Password: Silent.Hunter

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          April 24, 2014
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          Stands back from the keyboard in amenamezt! Thanks!

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      November 20, 2013
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      awsome game hope the download works

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      November 12, 2013
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      whare my cd key?

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      i love you!!!

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      classy game

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      hi papa

    • Enter your Name
      December 21, 2011
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      plz gv me the password fr it SILENT HUNTER password is nt working i hv tried many ways,,,,,,,,,,,,,, plz reply urgently becz i wna play this classsic game……….

    • Enter your Name
      December 5, 2011
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    • Junior
      November 18, 2011
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      Qual é a porra da senha de verdade, coloquei essa merda de Silent.Hunter e não adiantou buceta nenhuma, ja é o terceiro jogo que eu nao consigo jogar por causa disso…

      WTF is de correct password i try million times this shit of Silent.Hunter and that shit does’nt work!

    • Venkat Raman V
      October 27, 2011
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      Superb game but doom 3 is better than this one !

    • Enter your Name
      October 22, 2011
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      • Venkat
        November 22, 2011
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        when we played con.sly it ll be get boring…

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      October 21, 2011
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      Please mention CD Ket here

    • Enter your Name
      September 27, 2011
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      como vafo para baixar o jogo completo

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      • Early
        April 25, 2014
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        To think, I was coesufnd a minute ago.

    • CUBES876
      August 16, 2011
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      where is the cd key??

    • CUBES876
      August 16, 2011
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      where i the cd key??

    • fuckYEAH
      August 3, 2011
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      one question how to play on three links?

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      July 27, 2011
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      it took a long time and then it said it failled to install

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      its takeing forever

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      hey, i cant install the crack because when i finish downloading, the file suddenly disappear. -_-

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      Thanks=Gracias=спасибо=Terima kasih

    • jackson george
      June 19, 2011
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      i like this game…

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    • Enter your Name
      June 13, 2011
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      thanx 4 this game>>>>

    • DarkMe
      June 2, 2011
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      erm…. what is the password ? please reply me .

      • Christian
        April 24, 2014
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        Bring some chili to add to the communal pot, and your own bowl, cup & spoon. Come celberate the snow & our community. All are welcome!!! Lessons @ 1pm with Andrea for beginners and me! Please also note P2 parking lot is currently snowed in. Access to the lower side from P1 (Chute) or P3. Hopefully VSA will do us the huge favour of plowing us out at P2, will keep you posted. It is not a scheduled road, so the fact that they plow us out at all is a huge community service that we all benefit from and appreciate. They do an awesome job at keeping the Kane Valley Road open too, many thanks to the team at VSA!! Cheers & Happy skiing this weekend,Kate.

    • sandeep
      May 23, 2011
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      it that’s password

    • Enter your Name
      April 18, 2011
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      how can i download this game

      • Addrienne
        April 25, 2014
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        Full of salient points. Don’t stop belinvieg or writing!

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    • lnwshow
      April 12, 2011
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      what The Password Silent.Hunter (Wrong)

    • Name
      March 30, 2011
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      cant find download

    • Gamer
      February 25, 2011
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      We need Halo games!!!

    • Matthew
      February 13, 2011
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      Yeah i love it!

      • Cindy
        April 25, 2014
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        Always the best content from these priiogdous writers.

    • Jonny
      July 5, 2010
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      nice games

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      Best Post Ever!!

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