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    Who wants to be a billionaire – I do – Wouldn\’t you like to swim in money
    too – But how do you earn the ready cash that will allow you to live out
    your dreams? Oil is what you need, and Oil Tycoon is the game in which you
    can become J R Ewing and find your fortune in black gold.

    Oil Tycoon is a simulation which deals with the many and varied aspects
    of the oil industry. Simply start up your oil company and look for a place
    to drill. However oil does not sleep under the earth in every place, so
    get the best equipment and start looking. Initially you need to find the
    oil, store it and then sell it on, though to enter new markets you will
    also have to refine the oil into fuel. In addition scientific research,
    drilling rights, pipeline construction and the stock market will have to
    be monitored throughout the game. With up to five other potential
    billionaires to battle against, the race is on to become the next

    – 30 different and authentic city maps

    – Intelligent world economy and politics

    – 18 different drilling regions (including the Persian Gulf, North
    Sea and Texas)

    – More than 500 rendered objects and buildings

    – Turn-based or real-time gameplay

    – 4 player network or turn-based on the same PC

    – Up to 5 computer controlled opponents

    – 3 difficulty settings

    – 20 scenarios

    Pentium 300MHz Processor
    64MB RAM
    180MB Hard Disk Space
    8X CD-ROM Drive
    640×480 Video Card

    unrar, burn, install & play

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    Total Size:
    168.01 MB

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    • meet
      August 15, 2014
      Reply #1


    • Enter your Name
      July 18, 2014
      Reply #2


    • renrew
      February 15, 2014
      Reply #3

      It does not work

    • xxx
      November 7, 2013
      Reply #4

      how do you download game from the site

    • Enter your Name
      October 18, 2013
      Reply #5

      how do you download????????

    • Enter your Name
      July 24, 2013
      Reply #6


    • ryan
      January 26, 2012
      Reply #7

      couldnt download so game sucks alot

      • Enter your Name
        July 24, 2013
        Reply #8


        • Enter your Name
          January 12, 2014
          Reply #9


    • Enter your Name
      December 15, 2011
      Reply #10


    • abhirup
      December 11, 2011
      Reply #11

      cool game…….

    • aa
      December 7, 2011
      Reply #12

      does not work…game not installed properly…

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