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  • Monday Night Combat
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    Release Date:

    Jan 17, 2011



    GamersLove Score 8
    Editors Score 7.7
    Users Score 7.5
    Overall 7.7

    Gameplay Screenshots




    Monday Night Combat is shooter played from a third person perspective. It combines a class-based character selection system, similar to Team Fortress 2 with team-based objectives in the style of Defense of the Ancients.[5][6] Its background is that of a futuristic replacement for Monday Night Football in which cloned soldiers battle against each other for money.The game is played in one of two scenarios, each one a variant on the traditional tower defense game type.[7] The first is Crossfire, in which teams of six compete to destroy the other team\’s Moneyball, a stationary shielded object guarded by its respective team. The first team to destroy their opponent\’s Moneyball is declared the winner.[7] The second gameplay scenario is known as Blitz. In Blitz four characters work together to protect their team\’s Moneyball against increasingly difficult waves of robots. Blitz can be played alone, in two-player splitscreen or with up to four players over



    The Blitz mode pits one player or up to four players online against streams of AI controlled robots. In Crossfire mode, players play competitively, six verse six, to destroy the opponent\’s Money Ball while protecting theirs aided by armies of robots. Monday Night Combat also boasts an extensive meta game that allows players to gain new endorsements and hundreds of new ProTags to show off their accomplishments.

    Key Features:

    * Co-op

    Blitz mode allow players to defend their Money Ball against armies of robots by themselves or four player co-op over Steam. During various Blitz challenges, players can spend money earned by destroying bots to build defensive turrets around the Moneyball, upgrade one of six unique character classes, or set off robot crushing environment hazards. The Challenges vary from a ten round Exhibition Blitz to endless robot waves of ever increasing difficulty in Super Sudden Death Blitz. Money earned from each Challenge goes into a persistent Lifetime Earnings that allows players to unlock over 370 ProTags, create custom classes, and get ranked on Leaderboards.

    * Competitive Multiplayer

    Crossfire mode pits teams of players against each other over Steam. Each team is supported by an endless stream of robots fighting on their behalf; overwhelming your opponent’s stream, upgrading your Pros, and base defenses will be the key to your success!

    * Customizable Characters

    Each Pro caters to their unique style of play and comes with their own set of upgradeable skills. Customize those skills and abilities even further with a variety of unlockable products in the Custom Class feature.

    * Persistent Stats

    Every game of Monday Night Combat earns the player money that goes towards their Lifetime Earnings. Lifetime Earnings can be spent on unlocking custom classes and buying earned ProTags. How much Lifetime Earnings you have also determines what level you are. Monday Night Combat keeps a large set of persistent statistics for all aspects of gameplay. MNC features over 370 ‘ProTags’ which are customizable tags you can show off to other players and friends.



    System requirements

    Minimum System Requirements:

    CPU:    2 GHz Processor

    RAM:    1 GB RAM

    VGA:    DirectX 9.0c/Shader3.0 compatible, VRAM 512 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 7800 series or ATI Radeon X1900)

    DX:    DirectX®: 9.0c

    OS:    XP(SP3)/Vista/Windows 7

    HDD:    2 GB of free space

    Sound:    DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card


    1. Unpack release

    2. Mount image or burn it

    3. Install

    4. Copy the cracked content from the SKIDROW folder on the DVD to the main installation folder and overwrite

    5. Play the game

    6. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!


    Use SKIDROW included Launcher.exe to change languages!

    Download Links

    Total Size: 3.15 GB

    Fileserve Links

    Full ISO Game


    No Password

    Monday Night Combat Update 3 SKIDROW

    Installation Notes:

    1. Unpack release

    2. Run Monday.Night.Combat.Update.3.exe

    3. Install

    4. Copy the cracked content from the SKIDROW folder to the main install folder and overwrite

    5. Play the game

    6. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!

    Additional Notes

    You don’t need to have any of the previous updates installed, as this update is featuring all previous updated content.

    Download Update


    Key Features:
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    • A
      August 28, 2013
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      hey download it from kongregate

    • Zlays
      April 2, 2012
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      I must use Steam??

    • yeah
      March 31, 2012
      Reply #3

      is this really needed to open in steam?

    • Enter ur name
      February 12, 2012
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      runtime error HELP !!!!

      • Artie
        April 25, 2014
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        A simple and innillegett point, well made. Thanks!

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      September 24, 2011
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    • mega omega
      July 29, 2011
      Reply #7

      will this work reply

    • Nemeses
      June 16, 2011
      Reply #8

      Cant Install at all!!!

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      April 16, 2011
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    • Enter your Name
      March 22, 2011
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      No work -.-“

    • raju
      February 4, 2011
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      what a game

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      February 4, 2011
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