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    Mega Man Coop And Versus is a fan created mega man game based off the original nes series supporting local and online co-op and versus play. I am not the creator nor did i have anything to do with the production of this game. The game is still in alpha…so you may still come across bugs/glitches.



    Version: alpha 10 changes:
    -Main game is now active, defeat the bosses, gain their weapons, then advance to Dr. Wily.
    *Other weapons can be found throughout the stages
    -Character movement is identical to the nes games (except water gravity and hitbox size)
    -Players now have seperate views when hosting/joining a game
    -Runs at 60 fps
    -Players can now also slide by pressing down+jump (or up if gravity is up)
    -Download size greatly reduced
    -Switching weapons no longer causes a player to “stand sprite” for a split second.

    -7 new weapons
    -Air Shooter has more horizontal speed
    -Crystal Shot can now also explode by shooting again

    Level Redesign:
    -Blizzard stage icicles are smaller, fall slower, and do less damage. Some removed.
    -Various spikes removed, some areas have small changes.
    -Wily1 Boss, Wily3 Boss are altered for single player.
    -Wily4 Boss made less aggressive

    Level Editor:
    -Can change room size
    -Additional enemies
    -Additional Tilesets
    -All stage music possible to select
    -Can listen to music while working on a level
    *possible to also chose to continue the previous music
    -No longer necessary to start a new/blank level when opening a saved one

    System Requirements

    System requirements

    PC: 1.0 GHz CPU, 128 MB RAM, DirectX 8.1 compatible 64 MB video card, 8x CD drive


    Installation Notes:

    1. unrar
    2. play

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    • shenoy
      May 29, 2015
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      gu ka

    • shenoy
      May 29, 2015
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      mut pe

    • Enter your Name
      April 27, 2015
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    • yash
      April 21, 2015
      Reply #4

      nice game i love, jhakas

    • yash
      April 21, 2015
      Reply #5

      please start my downloading

    • gurucharan saini
      August 27, 2014
      Reply #6

      plz start my download

    • Aashir
      August 16, 2014
      Reply #7

      better game

    • gahtoto
      February 16, 2014
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    • wesley
      December 24, 2013
      Reply #9

      baixar este jogo

    • carlo
      November 25, 2013
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      • jaganathsahoo4
        December 2, 2013
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    • ahmed
      November 20, 2013
      Reply #12

      what a game, i m very interested to play like this game good

    • ahmed
      November 20, 2013
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      • Ali
        April 26, 2014
        Reply #14

        Κirie Kiki xerome poli pu pirtae telika tin pena sas i to pliktrollojio tellos panton jia na grapsete kati gia ta politika dromena tu topu mas tora i allvani me to epitheto sas tha jellusan poli KI…KI alla emis den thellume na gellasume me tis anoisies pu lete gia enosi otan mia poli megali euthini gia oli aftin tin katastasi tin exete prosopika esis kirie KI.. KE NA MIN PO KI ALLA POLLA den iparxi enosi otan ESIS brizete tus men ke penevete tus den isto epanidhin

    • Enter your Name
      November 20, 2013
      Reply #15

      think for you

    • Enter your Name
      September 26, 2013
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      Bishan Maleesha

    • jeffersom
      July 28, 2013
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    • Enter your Name
      July 8, 2013
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    • amol
      April 13, 2012
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      what a game, i m very interested to play like this game

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