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  • Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder
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    Release Date:

    Nov 15, 2010



    GamersLove Score 7
    Editors Score 7.5
    Users Score 7
    Overall 7.1

    Gameplay Screenshots


    Help the famous Detective Croft solve the case of the Baker Street Murder, and uncover the conspiracy about the murder of her partner! Find clues and interview suspects in different locations that will keep you guessing! Bring justice to

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    a murderer, and avenge your fallen partner. Use your Hidden Object skills to crack the case in Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder!


    Find important clues
    Interview suspects
    Uncover a deeper conspiracy!

    System requirements

    Windows XP/Vista
    1.2 GHz
    512 MB RAM

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    Total Size:

    103.23 mb

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    • sasaf
      December 29, 2011
      Reply #1

      kahase install karo please tell me

    • Enter your Name
      August 14, 2011
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      • Naveen
        November 17, 2011
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    • nikhil saxena
      June 2, 2011
      Reply #4

      its good

      • Cerdric
        March 25, 2012
        Reply #5

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