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    This is the most complete package of all things Infocom that I have ever come across. I grew up playing a lot of these games in the late 70’s & 80’s, especially the Zork series. This is where adventure games were born. Using your imagination to fill in the graphics, you were transported to worlds that only you could dream of. No fancy graphics could do justice to the images you had in your head.

    This collection not only includes ALL the games but it also includes Fan-made Zork related games and quite a bit of historical text on Infocom. It also includes the manuals, maps, Invisiclues hints and extras from all the games. And lastly, ‘Cornerstone’, the database program that was the downfall of Infocom. I hope this awesome collection finds a few

    fans still left out there.

    I imagine that they will run on any computer you have laying about.



    The Ultimate Compilation of Infocom’s Interactive Fictions that recreates the original “feeling” of the original releases! (There is some duplication of the games above in this pack)

    Part 1 – Infocom Games & Database:
    * Automated installation of the 35 original text-adventure games.
    * One-click executable for each game, with dedicated folders and icons.
    * Scans of *every* original manuals, leaflets and gadgets in color PDF files.
    * Comprehensive database about Infocom’s games (solutions, bugs, versions, etc).

    Part 2 – InvisiClues & Bonus:
    * Color scans of maps and texts of the InvisiClues, Infocom’s helper system.
    * All four Infocomics (Gamma Force, Lane Mastodon, ZorkQuest 1 & 2).
    * Unofficial Zork-based adventures developed by Infocom’s fans.
    * Infocom/Activision’s releases: Battletech, Fooblitzky, LGOP 2, Portal.
    * Selection of the best text-adventure games available on the Net.
    * Every Scott Adams Adventures in text format.
    * Useful software tools (mapping software, game interpreters).

    System Requirements

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    No special requirements

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