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    SIZE: 2.29 GB

    Gameplay Screenshots






    Game Name: Homefront
    Game publishers: THQ
    Game production: Kaos Studio
    Game Language: English
    Genre: Shooting/FPS

    In 2013, one year (according to the game’s fictional timeline) after the death of Kim Jong-Il, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reunites North and South Korea to form the Greater Korean Republic. The influence of China and the United States decline in the face of continued economic stagnation and a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia that disrupts Middle Eastern oil supplies, while oil and gas to Western Europe is cut off by a Russian-Ukrainian “mutual interest” deal. As the United States withdraws overseas troops to deal with domestic instability, including the Texas secession debate and an outbreak of bird flu known as the Knoxville Cough, the Greater Korean Republic annexes Japan and Southeast Asia. By 2022, the United States faces extreme economic turmoil and massive social unrest, culminating in complete economic collapse. On January 16, 2025, a satellite, launched under the cover of a program to replace the decaying Global Positioning System, detonates a high-altitude nuclear weapon over the continental United States. The destruction of above-ground electronics across the country by the massive resulting electromagnetic pulse is followed by the Greater Korean Republic seizing Hawaii, an invasion of San Francisco, paratrooper deployments across the Midwest, and the irradiation of the Mississippi River to divide the United States in half, leaving the American military isolated and scattered and U.S. residents to resist the invasion on their own.



    • Take the battle online, experiencing large scale multiplayer action like never before in epic infantry and vehicle warfare
    • Discover a terrifyingly plausible near-future world in which the familiar has become alien in this nightmare vision of Occupied USA
    • Fight for a cause joining a cast of memorable characters as your resistance cell wages a guerrilla war against overwhelming military odds in the name of Freedom
    • Witness the human cost of war in a gripping story from the pen of John Milius is told through immersive, interactive 1st person cut scenes
    • Experience explosive FPS gameplay as you battle through a dynamic mix of infantry and vehicle combat in a gripping single player campaign boasting intense, memorable set pieces

    System Requirements

    Minimum system:
    OS    : Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7
    CPU  : Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2.8GHz.
    RAM : 2 GB
    Graphics : Support Shader Model 3.0,256 MB equivalent or higher, NVIDIA GeForce 7900GS or ATI Radeon 1900XT
    HDD : 10GB

    OS   : Windows Vista or Windows 7
    CPU : Quad Core 2 GHz
    RAM:2 GB
    Graphic : NVidia GeForce 260或ATI Radeon 4850
    HDD : 10GB

    Installation Notes:

    Install the game
    Start the game

    Update 1 ENGLISH:

    You can change language to English by installing Update 1 before starting game each time.

    Download Links

    SIZE: 2.29 GB

    Update 1:








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    • 0y3nk
      April 30, 2015
      Reply #1

      hard to proses download

    • atharva
      April 9, 2015
      Reply #2

      oh how dangerous game is it very nice action game

    • Enter your Name
      February 28, 2015
      Reply #3


    • khumpiseth
      January 5, 2015
      Reply #4

      very good

    • sameer0007
      January 2, 2015
      Reply #5

      hello sir’
      can i run this game on my pc..

      OS: Windows 8.1 pro 32 bit(6.3,build 9600)
      Processor: pentium (r) dual core cpu e5700 @ 2.50ghz (2CPUs),~2.5GHz
      Memory: 2048MB RAM
      Direct Version: DirectX 11
      Adapter type : intel(r) g33/g31 express chipset family (microsoft corporation – wddm 1.0)
      Total available graphics memory : 256 MB

    • ismail
      August 9, 2014
      Reply #6

      very nice game

    • jeff
      July 16, 2014
      Reply #7


    • Choco
      July 16, 2014
      Reply #8


    • Enter your Name
      February 8, 2014
      Reply #9


      • Enter your Naamit raname
        February 14, 2014
        Reply #10

        amit rana

      • ali jax
        February 17, 2014
        Reply #11

        i love this game

      • Habib
        April 24, 2014
        Reply #12

        Tia and Jacob are so sweet together! You can tell Jacob is not like his gdanrma in one respect… he loves the snow!!! Boy, do these pictures bring back sweet childhood memories!Looking back, your stitching is really coming along! Great new starts!

    • Enter your Name
      February 4, 2014
      Reply #13

      babi tak buhis

    • anees
      December 27, 2013
      Reply #14


    • nic
      November 18, 2013
      Reply #15

      very well

    • KARYA
      November 16, 2013
      Reply #16


    • Enter your Name
      October 18, 2013
      Reply #17


      • Enter your Name
        November 14, 2013
        Reply #18


      • Keys
        April 25, 2014
        Reply #19

        This is both street smart and intlglieent.

    • Enter your Name
      October 14, 2013
      Reply #20


      • Enter your Name
        October 17, 2013
        Reply #21


    • Enter your Name
      October 8, 2013
      Reply #22


    • Enter your Name
      October 5, 2013
      Reply #23

      this is good game

      • Enter your Name
        October 8, 2013
        Reply #24


    • Anas
      September 22, 2013
      Reply #25


      • Doughboy
        April 25, 2014
        Reply #26

        Great thgiiknn! That really breaks the mold!

      • Enteaijazr your Name
        August 28, 2014
        Reply #27


    • Enter your Name
      September 20, 2013
      Reply #28


    • sam
      September 5, 2013
      Reply #29

      why the game isn’t downloading??

    • shahmeer
      September 3, 2013
      Reply #30

      why the game is not downloading

    • sameer
      August 23, 2013
      Reply #31

      homefront game free download

    • Enter your Name
      August 16, 2013
      Reply #32


      Download All software here free

    • ali khan
      August 15, 2013
      Reply #33

      awsome game

    • Enter your Name
      August 15, 2013
      Reply #34


    • henk
      August 5, 2013
      Reply #35


    • Enter your Name
      August 2, 2013
      Reply #36


    • awda
      July 30, 2013
      Reply #37


    • lakehal ali
      July 18, 2013
      Reply #38

      please type a comment.

      • Enter dyour Name
        July 21, 2013
        Reply #39


    • Enter your Name
      March 28, 2012
      Reply #40

      prem singh

      • lakehal ali
        July 18, 2013
        Reply #41


    • derin
      February 20, 2012
      Reply #42


    • འཇམ་བཟང་།
      January 31, 2012
      Reply #43


    • Enter your Name
      January 22, 2012
      Reply #44


    • nikhil
      January 20, 2012
      Reply #45

      bad game noting to download

    • Enter your Name
      January 20, 2012
      Reply #46

      bad game download noting to pc

      • Allana
        March 28, 2012
        Reply #47

        DRC I used mkvtoolnix to remux the file at 23.976 FPS. It’s ttepry easy to figure out once you have the program, and the remuxing only takes about a minute. After you do that, everything is in sync.

        • Patricia
          April 24, 2014
          Reply #48

          I haven’t really every pelyad a new generation FPS, so I can’t comment on how this one compares to other stories. But, from a far, it kind of makes me uncomfortable in terms of how it deals with a political situation that’s a bit too recent and volatile to be making a game out of. Maybe that’s the point, but I think it’s a bit odd is all. Whatever.But, Rob – do tell, man. As a designer, I would love your take on this thing.

    • Name
      January 18, 2012
      Reply #49


    • khaleel
      January 16, 2012
      Reply #50

      downloaded the repack but when i install it nothing happen and i cant understand of the words in installation

    • Umer shoukat mughal jee
      January 12, 2012
      Reply #51

      this is very fanta game and …………………………….. plz up load all assassin creed versions and all the latest gamez pc ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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