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  • Gods vs. Humans
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    Release Date:

    Nov 8, 2010



    GamersLove Score 5
    Editors Score 5.5
    Users Score 6
    Overall 5.5

    Gameplay Screenshots

    Gods vs. Humans v1.0 + Comic


    You embody major Gods from the most fabulous mythologies: Scandinavian, Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Japanese. As a god, you have enough power to rule the humans. All but cheeky ones! Some of them want to enter your domain and have decided to build a tower to confront you.Use your divine powers to bring down the building and show who is the boss. Be careful not to hurt them though, you need people to believe in you!


    • 60 levels for the solo campaign
    • 16 playable gods, each with specific powers
    • 4 different mythologies to discover
    • 4 hysterical bosses to defeat
    • 16 additional challenges for the experienced players
    • 2-player special mode in split screen
    • An exclusive mythology “the pre-colombians”
    • Full HD graphics
    Comic details:
    Humans have settled to build a gigantic tower to take their Gods’ place. You follow five of them (Scandinavian, Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Japanese and Pre-Colombian) through a crazy epic starting from where workers of all civilizations rub shoulders: the construction site of the tower.
    Little inclined to work themselves to death in this hive of activity, they dream of eternal idleness, the privilege of Gods. A phoney idea leads the group of dissidents to believe there is a secret passage to the divine kingdom at the peak of the nearby mountain. They decide to leave the construction site of the tower to climb up there by their own means.

    • A story created by the writer of a series of humorous comic books about martial arts
    • Discover a brand new story presenting Gods and Humans in fantastic situations full of humor
    • Adapted format for a better and comfortable reading on all types of computers

    Gods vs. Humans v1.0 + Comic
    Gods vs. Humans v1.0 + Comic

    System requirements

    • Windows XP/Vista/7
    • DirectX 9c
    • 2 GHz
    • 512 MB RAM

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    Total Size:

    68.38 MB

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  • 5 Comments ------ Add your! Download Links, CD keys & Cracks
    • Andre Indardat
      January 7, 2014
      Reply #1


    • lucky
      December 8, 2013
      Reply #2

      good gmes

    • Dj
      December 12, 2011
      Reply #3

      This game sucks,
      Basically you just click on the 4 poles on each floor trying to destroy it,
      I couldn’t even get past the first stage…

    • eddy
      July 25, 2011
      Reply #4

      o my god im freakin out

    • alex
      January 31, 2011
      Reply #5


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