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    Gameplay 7
    Graphics 8
    Sound 7
    Difficulty Medium
    Concept 8
    Multiplayer 7
    Overall 7.5
    MULTI 9 Language: Eng/Ger/Fr/Ita/Sp/Ru/Pol/Hungarian/Czech
    The official expansion pack to F.E.A.R. 2, the Reborn pack immerses gamers in the chaos of Alma’s aftermath in an entirely new role: that of Replica Soldier Foxtrot 813

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    Gameplay Screenshots



    Experience four brand new single-player levels in this additional DLC campaign for F.E.A.R.2! Coinciding with the events seen in the full game, you will experience the chaos of Alma%u2019s aftermath from an entirely new point of view: that of Replica Soldier 813.

    Image Your mission begins with an orbital Powered Armor drop to reinforce your fellow Replica squad%u2026 But not everything is as it seems. Supernatural events run wild in the apocalyptic remains of Auburn. Another voice is beckoning you; contradicting orders from Replica command. Find out the answer to this, and many new questions, in the DLC campaign F.E.A.R.2: Reborn!



    * Strategic environmental combat opportunities available to both you and your enemies
    * Slow time using your character%u2019s enhanced reflexes
    * In your face close-quarter action in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments
    * Battle all-new enemies that employ advanced combat tactics
    * Test your nerves and face your FEARS as you battle new characters and unravel a terrifying mystery
    * Utilize the world interaction enhancements to create instant cover or remove obstacles
    * Play with and against friends in multiplayer competition
    * Enhanced graphics engine takes action horror to new heights through enhanced visuals and effects
    * Enemies behave realistically and use the environment against you through vastly enhanced enemy Artificial Intelligence
    * Maintains the authenticity of the Alma storyline and players will know this is the only place to continue the saga

    System Requirements


    Operating System: Windows® XP SP2/Vista SP1
    Processor: P4 2.8GHz (3.2GHz Vista)/Athlon® 64 3000+ (3200+ Vista)
    Memory: 1GB (1.5GB Vista)
    Hard Disk Space: 12GB Available Hard Disk Space
    Video Card: Fully DX9-compliant graphics card with 256MB (SM 2.0b). NVIDIA 6800 or ATI X700
    DirectX® Version: 9.0c
    Sound: DX9.0c compliant
    Internet Connection: Broadband


    Operating System: Windows® XP SP3/Vista SP1
    Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz processor family/Athlon 64 X2 4400+ (required for MP host)
    Memory: 1.5GB
    Hard Disk Space: 12GB Available Hard Disk Space
    Video Card: Fully DX9-compliant graphics card with 512MB (SM 3.0). NVidia® 8600 GTS or ATI® HD 2900 XT
    DirectX® Version: 9.0c
    Sound: DX9.0c compliant
    Internet Connection: Broadband (768kbit/sec upstream required to host 16 players)

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    Total Size:

    3.49 GB


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    Password : tooth

    How to Install

    You DO NOT need any prior game patches. Reborn will update any
    version to 1.5

    1. You must have FEAR2 installed (Reborn will update game to 1.5)

    Download FEAR 2 – http://www.gamerslove.com/fear-2-full-version

    2. Download the Reborn 1GB links and extract the ISO image.
    3. Mount the ISO Image 3.31GB on virtual drive and auto start.
    4. Reborn is installed in your FEAR 2 main game installed folder.


    How to play the Reborn Campaign:
    1-Select Single Player
    2-Campaign, Two choices 1- FEAR or 2- Reborn.
    If using your mouse doesnt change Campaign to Reborn,
    use your up/down arrows on key board.

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