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  • Dragon Age 2 Mark of the Assassin Expansion
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    Download Size: 1.04 GB

    Embark on a thrilling adventure of deception and intrigue in Mark of the
    Assassin, the latest downloadable expansion for Dragon Age II. In this
    gripping new story, Hawke is joined by a mysterious elf assassin, Tallis
    Voiced by none other than actress Felicia Day, this new party member comes
    complete with her own unique combat style and intriguing back story. With
    Tallis at your side, you must infiltrate an Orlesian estate outside Kirkwall
    and steal a precious relic. Along the way, you will uncover an array of
    impressive weapons and equipment, and confront fearsome and challenging new
    enemies on your journey to claim the Heart of the Many


    * Infiltrate an Orlesian estate outside of Kirkwall adventure across several brand new areas.
    * Impressive new equipment for every member of your party.
    * Dive deeper into the Dragon Age story and uncover more secrets about the Orlesians and Qunari.
    * Recruit a new party member, Tallis a deadly elf assassin with her own unique combat style.
    * Challenging new enemies and boss encounters, including the fearsome Wyvern.

    1. Unrar
    2. Burn or mount
    3. Install into the directory of the original Dragon Age 2
    4. Play the game
    5. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT

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    1.04 GB

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