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  • Crazy Machines 2
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    http://www.mp3q8.ws/uploads/posts/2010-10/1287341923_crazy-machines-2.jpg Download full version pc games free


    Gameplay 7
    Graphics 7
    Sound 7.5
    Difficulty Medium
    Concept 8
    Multiplayer 6.5
    Overall 7

    Download full version pc games free

    Crazy Machines 2 continues the series of wacky contraption puzzles, this time allowing players to directly publish their creations from the game.

    Gameplay Screenshots



    The sequel to the popular game Crazy Machines features new parts to tinker with, new puzzles to solve, multiple solutions to every puzzle and the ability to upload and download player laboratories and rate the best of the best online.



    * New parts to tinker with, and new puzzles to solve
    * World Tour – travel with the professor to exotic locations such as the Caribbean, Alaska, and China
    * Multiple solutions to every puzzle
    * Free-style mode – create, destroy, and publish your own crazy machines
    * Upload and download player laboratories and rate the best of the best online
    * All-age appeal
    * Bonus levels


    System Requirements

    – 2,0 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 or equivalent
    – 512 MB RAM
    – DirectX® 9.0c – compatible Graphics Card with 64 MB memory and PixelShader 2.0
    – DirectX® 9.0c (contain)
    – DirectX® – compatible Sound Card
    – AGEIA© PhysXâ„¢ – System Software (contain)
    – 500 MB Hard disk space

    – 3,0 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 or equivalent
    – 1 GB RAM
    – DirectX® 9.0c – compatible Graphics Card with 256 MB memory and PixelShader 2.0
    – AGEIA© PhysXâ„¢ – Accelerator
    – Internet connection

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    • Shiko
      April 28, 2013
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    • Nimantha
      January 11, 2012
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      i cant download this game plz help me

    • Enter your Name mmk
      June 17, 2011
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      i am like this

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