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    Release date: November 20, 2003
    Genre: real-time strategy
    Developer/Publisher: GSC Game World
    Release type: License
    Interface language: English
    GOG no-DRM
    The Cossacks series are a bestseller of the real-time strategy game genre that sold over 4 million copies worldwide. Winners of the PC Zone – Award for Excellence, and they are an unquestionable gem in the genre. This pack includes the original Cossacks and its two expansions in which the developers really took the feedback from the fans into consideration, and through that they managed to improve the game even further. The result is an almost perfect, and quite realistic, strategy game in which you can write your own version of post-Renaissance European history.
    What makes Cossacks shine among other RTS games is its depth and lasting appeal. With 20

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    unique nations (each with its own set of perks), 200 missions, sophisticated economic and political systems, and a polished multiplayer mode, it offers countless hours of top-notch strategy gaming. There are only a few games like it and none of them match the perfect balance between realism and simplicity that made the Cossacks series so great.



    – Cossacks Anthology includes: Cossacks: European Wars, Cossacks: The Art of War, and Cossacks: Back to War.
    – Includes features such as: mission editor, random map generator, and various multiplayer modes.
    – ! Multiplayer notice: multiplayer mode is available after registering your unique CD-key for the game if you buy it at GOG !

    System Requirements

    This is Full GOG release, includes bonus content:
    – 2 manuals on english
    – .pdf with Technology Trees for each race
    – soundtrack in MP3 CBR 192 kBit
    – wallpaper in 4 resolutions


    Installation Notes:

    1) run the installer
    2) install all 3 included Cossacks or make selective choise
    2) enjoy!

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      di download kok ngk bsa

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      May 21, 2015
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      this game is good game all people play these game

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      May 15, 2015
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      How can we download it.

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      geratis dimana goblog ari ukur iklan mah,montong pang-pang iklana

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      thanks crack

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      good one

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      September 9, 2014
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      My respected sir!plz kindly & urgently upload castle strike 1 & castle strike 2 with highly compressed in uppit.com
      Thank u sir.good luck bye bye my sweet heart.

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      Its a F*cking Game not downloading

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      linknya dong

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      mara game download hotey chiana.

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    • dev
      August 2, 2014
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      July 30, 2014
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      bagus baget ne game yang paling aku suka

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      July 28, 2014
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      good game

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      u need torrent downloader for download this game
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      where download icon

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      How to download

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