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  • Bomberman vs Digger
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    Gameplay 6
    Graphics 4
    Sound 7
    Difficulty Medium
    Concept 7
    Multiplayer NA
    Overall 5.0

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    You start out with a digging machine and burrow your way to the diamonds. Having collected every piece, don�t forget to destroy all the metal fiends you meet on your way to proceed to the next level. You are going to need a whole arsenal in order to destroy monster robots and trucks. First, there are rockets. You shoot them in the direction your digging machine is facing. Whenever the rocket meets an obstacle � bada-bang, bada-boom. Then there are mines. These should be carefully planted to trick your opponent into running over them. It�s an easy task with some enemies, while not so simple with the others. Be careful not to blow yourself up. Also, there are bombs and dynamite sticks at you disposal. Those are pretty much the same and are sure to suite any explosions maniac. Dynamite is a great means of saving some time for digging and just blowing everything to pieces. It is not recommended for people with anger management problems. That�s pretty much it.

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      I think graphic dgsein means that it is drawing cool dgseins on a computer and putting your dgsein on a t-shirt or any other material. I think it is important because without graphics people would not be able to express themselves. Also when making toys or graphic t-shirts they wouldn’t have any character. Allyn Murray :]

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      link not working can u reupload it please

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      fantastic game

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