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  • Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
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    Gameplay 8.5
    Graphics 9
    Sound 9
    Difficulty Medium
    Concept 9
    Multiplayer 9.5
    Overall 8.9

    Gameplay Screenshots




    Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (aka Arcanum) is a single player computer role-playing game developed by Troika Games and published by Sierra Entertainment.

    Arcanum has been designed to work with multiple styles of characters. A few of these include, but are not limited to, thieving, diplomatic, technological, magickal and fighting character styles. All styles of play are available regardless of the race and gender choices you have made. For instance, an elf, being more magickal, would have a more difficult time mastering technology than a dwarf, but the option is available if you wish to pursue that type of character.

    Below are just a few examples of the types of characters you may want to try out while playing Arcanum.

    – magickal or technological thief
    – pure thief with no magick or technological abilities
    – assassin
    – debutante or gentleman assassin/thief
    – debutante or gentleman with no violent tendencies
    – socially savvy, charismatic gambler
    – super good or super evil (mage or technologist)
    – warrior with no magick or technological skills
    – balanced character using equal amounts of magick and tech
    – gunfighter
    – inventor
    – a very dumb character
    – a very ugly character
    – a very persuasive character
    – a very charismatic or uncharismatic character

    You will find that the world reacts differently to these various character types and that alternate paths as well as quests are available to them throughout the game.


    • Design your character and powers based on “magick” or technology
    • Wield 18 spells and command 56 technological degrees
    • Build skills such as gambling and healing

    System Requirements

    Minimum System Requirements
    System: PII 300 or equivalent
    RAM: 64 MB
    Video Memory: 8 MB
    Hard Drive Space: 1200 MB

    Recommended System Requirements
    System: PII 450 or equivalent
    RAM: 128 MB
    Video Memory: 16 MB
    Hard Drive Space: 1200 MB


    33.6 Kbps Modem

    TCP/IP Network

    Requires low-latency Internet Connection with support for 32-bit applications

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    • Mike Hunt
      February 10, 2012
      Reply #1

      is there any other website that we can download from???!?!

      • Enter your Name
        November 7, 2013
        Reply #2


    • ,jn
      January 12, 2012
      Reply #3

      does this realy work ?

    • 911
      January 3, 2012
      Reply #4

      what a crock of shit =C

    • Enter your Name
      August 29, 2011
      Reply #5

      ya me do wtf do i do

      • Kierra
        April 24, 2014
        Reply #6

        Such an imirssepve answer! You’ve beaten us all with that!

    • Enter your Name
      July 20, 2011
      Reply #7

      can someone help me please? i downloaded both files fine but i cant open the game up. In addition, I have downloaded a free file opener program and i still cant get into the game. what should i do anyone know>?

    • Enter your Name
      June 30, 2011
      Reply #8

      do i need the crack too? it keeps coming up as a trojan

      • Barcelona
        April 24, 2014
        Reply #9

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    • Hey U UP!!
      June 28, 2011
      Reply #10

      U have to download files from both links.
      I link- CD 1
      II link- CD 2
      I love Arcanum its fucking amazing

      • manolet
        July 20, 2011
        Reply #11

        bro i want to play arcanum again but i don’t know where am i going to download it.

      • manolet
        July 20, 2011
        Reply #12

        bro can you help me how to get arcanum? please…

      • Clay
        November 29, 2011
        Reply #13

        were did you get the links????????

    • me
      April 17, 2011
      Reply #14

      man it doesnt work some error when ur installin with cd 2

    • paul
      December 23, 2010
      Reply #15


    • Reno
      June 1, 2010
      Reply #16

      The best game ever for PC

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