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    Gameplay 6.5
    Graphics 6
    Sound 7
    Difficulty Medium
    Concept 5
    Multiplayer NA
    Overall 6.2

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    ARCA Sim Racing is a fully-licensed simulator for the PC which will allow you to take your pick among Chevrolet, Pontiac, Dodge, Ford, and Toyota- branded 800 horsepower offerings, and race them on every circuit on the ARCA calendar. Each car has been intricately laser-scanned for the ultimate in accurate reproduction, and each track has been painstakingly recreated to be not only topographically accurate, but visually accurate too, with full livery and sponsorship details.The simulator also features custom-tuned physics and tire models based on real-world data provided by the Hoosier Tire Company, meaning that each track has a specific model matching their real-world behavior in terms of grip levels. The track surfaces have been fully modeled and feature a level of detail that will fully immerse you within the exciting world of ARCA/REMAX racing: Whether turning a test lap, or battling for position in a race to the wire for the win, we have you coveredwiththe most authentic simulated-racing experience ever created.


    * Physics engine- 15 degrees of freedom physics, Advanced tire modeling based off of Calspan data from Hoosier Tire, Advanced suspension modeling, Engines based off of real DYNO’s, Complex aerodynamics with Active Rear End, Head physics, cockpit vibrations, Track specific physics and tire modeling, LIVE-TRACK – Active Grip Technology, offline & online gameplay
    * Legaue tools- In game admin panel for running MP Race Control, ARCA Hotlaps Plug-in: Realtime Scoring module with live web exports- Download Only
    * Graphics/Sound- Laser Scanned CAR MODELS, DX9 advanced graphics engine, Real-time day/night transitions, Highly detailed bump modeling, Updating real-time scoring towers, Miles Sound System
    * Advanced Camera/Replays options
    * A lot of functions in Multiplayer

    System Requirements

    * 2.0 GHz processor
    * Windows XP,VIsta, XP 64-bit (may run in Windows 98SE, WindowsMe & Windows 2000, but it is not supported.)
    * 512 MB RAM
    * Geforce 6800 or Radeon 9600, lower cards may work but at degraded performance 128 MB video RAM
    * DirectX 9.0c 2.0 GB of hard drive space for installation
    * Internet connection required for online play

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