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  • And Yet it Moves
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    Gameplay 7
    Graphics 8
    Sound 7
    Difficulty Medium
    Concept 8
    Multiplayer N/A
    Overall 8.5

    Gameplay Screenshots



    Clever design and a quirky artistic style make this gimmicky puzzle platformer worth playing.

    And Yet It Moves is a puzzle-platformer, set in a unique world, made of ripped paper. Within the paper-collage you can jump, run and last but certainly not least: rotate the world. Learn how to apply the physical consequences of rotation to master the many tricky situations you may encounter.

    System Requirements

    Min system requirements:

    XP, Dual Core 1.6 Ghz or higher, 512 MB RAM; 60 MB HD Space, Intel® gma950 or higher vid card

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