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    Gameplay 7
    Graphics 7
    Sound 6.5
    Difficulty Medium
    Concept 7.5
    Multiplayer N/A
    Overall 7

    Aggression – Reign over Europe is a real-time strategy game that gives you the chance to rewrite the darkest history of the old continent.

    Gameplay Screenshots

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    Aggression: Reign over Europe ScreenshotAggression: Reign over Europe ScreenshotAggression: Reign over Europe Screenshot
    Aggression: Reign over Europe ScreenshotAggression: Reign over Europe ScreenshotAggression: Reign over Europe Screenshot
    Aggression: Reign over Europe ScreenshotAggression: Reign over Europe ScreenshotAggression: Reign over Europe Screenshot


    It all comes courtesy of the guys at Lesta Studio. They’re hardly household names, yet quote the titles ‘Pacific Storm’ and the add-on ‘Pacific Storm: Allies,’ and the familiarity with the Russia developers becomes slightly more obvious. It’s been over a year since Pacific Storm: Allies arrived on the PC scene and we’re finally being treated to a larger, better and all round stronger strategy title.

    Aggression takes place across two mediums. The majority of your time is spent on the game’s map screen. Much like the Total War series before it, Europe has been recreated to a very impressive scale. It’s got every major city, transport route, unit placement and environmental feature you’d come to expect pre World War I (1910). Country-wise you can pick Germany, Russia, France or the UK. The sole aim is to take your country of choice through the first, second and the beginning of the cold wars. Nothing is set in stone and it treats the political climate and war backdrop as a open playground. You choose who to ally with, who to invade, what to deploy, what to research and who to hire.

    There’s a staggering amount of detail on offer. You can customize your cabinet with the leading figures of the twentieth century. They, in turn, earn experience points and level up, allowing you to assign new skills depending on their profession. Each city allows you to choose its construction, industry / education output (the games currencies) and standard of living. There are helpful ‘automatic’ options to streamline the process / help you out if you’re struggling with the learning curve. The tech-tree models the historical advancement of science / technological warfare with the only difference being the order in which you discover. The game does feature an extensive tutorial that holds you by the hand, but it’s an isolated mission. It does throw a lot at you and it’s very easy for you to miss / forget a concept.

    The real time tactical map is only half of Aggression’s arsenal. The other side is a real time 3D battle engine. It’s easy to compare with Total War again, but enter contact with a warring nation and you’ll have the option to auto-battle or fight yourself. Choosing the later brings up deployment and then the undertaking of destruction. Whatever units you had when you were attacked will be the force you field in battle. The game generates terrain depending on your location / season and the aim’s as it is in any other strategy title. Destroy the enemy.

    The game includes victory points for those that prefer a flanking / sneakier approach and it definitely adds some variety to an otherwise bog standard experience. The maps are littered with buildings and vegetation and they’re all under the control of a competent physics system. It’s no Company of Heroes, but it’s better than most and impressive from such an unknown development studio. The game lets you strategise to your heart’s content and its execution is worthy of plenty of praise.

    Engine wise, the real time battles aren’t that bad. It’s not a stunner and neither will it challenge some of the bigger RTS’ on the market, but you can tell what you’re looking at, what’s firing at what and whether you’ve just blown a house to smithereens. City battles are particularly interesting with famous landmarks open to destruction.


    – Military-historical strategy games limited the time frame 1910-1950 biennium.
    – Fully three-dimensional graphics of tactical and global modes, detailed map of Europe.
    – Greater flexibility in the choice of the player’s strategy of his state, to create an alternative history of Europe.
    – Four States, available for the management of: Russia, England, Germany, France.
    – Historic Campaign for all of the key state in which the player can perform hundreds of tasks and take the whole era of total war, to take part in both World Wars.
    – Three-dimensional strategic map of Europe, which has dozens of historical figures.
    – More than 120 types of combat units (infantry, cavalry, artillery, tanks and armored vehicles, aviation), modeled in accordance with the historical realities.
    – Political, economic and military systems, realistically reflecting a particular point of European policy and the war in the XX century.
    – More than 200 real-existing historical figures: politicians, generals, public figures who lived during this period of time.
    – Large-scale battles on 92 fully three-dimensional tactical map.
    – Bloody battles, the planning of combat operations, the development of new weapons and technologies (from a machine gun to the atomic bomb), the conclusion of political alliances and espionage.
    – Today’s level of game graphics, realistic physics, a large set of special effects, providing cinematic happening on-screen action.

    System Requirements

    System: Windows 2000/XP
    Processor: Pentium 4 1700 MHz
    Memory: 768 Mb
    Video Card: DirectX-compatible video card with 128 MB of RAM
    Audio card: DirectX-compatible sound card
    Hard Disk: Free disk space 2.1 GB

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    • Ibro 79
      September 8, 2011
      Reply #1

      Nažalost otkrio sam razlog zbog kojeg ne mogu pokrenuti igricu Windows 7 ne podržava igricu a na Windows XP radi normalno i normalno se instalira !

      • Enter your Name
        September 26, 2014
        Reply #2


    • Stiivais
      August 28, 2011
      Reply #3

      Seriously, WE NEED HELP!!!

    • Ibro 79
      August 22, 2011
      Reply #4

      Pomagajte narode razbiću PC.. Ne mogu pokrenuti igricu agresion nikako instalira je normalno i onda mi kad je hocu pokrenuti kaze
      :Insufficient privileges : you must be administrator when you run this application for the first time.
      Ne znam šta da radim igrica je original CD ako treba crack ne mogu ga download sa ovog sajta jer kaže da je uklonjen molim vas za pomoć. POZDRAV

      • Stiivais
        August 28, 2011
        Reply #5

        I have the same problem as you, when i click the icon, its starts Tages installer, which says that i need to be logged in as administrator. You could try installing Tages version 5.5 from their official site (google it) and see what happens then. You also could be able to remove Tages and reinstall it later… But in my case i could not install it, i got side-by-side configuration data error, i tried to reinstall visual c++ redistributable packages all the way from 2005×86 to 2010×64, that didnt really work, same with .net packages. Now im just confused, wtf can i do?

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