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  • Age of Mythology: Gold Edition
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    Gameplay 8
    Graphics 7
    Sound 9
    Difficulty Medium
    Concept 9
    Multiplayer 8.5
    Overall 8.7

    Age Of Mythology Gold Edition – Original game + Titans expansion

    Gameplay Screenshots




    The Battle for Heaven and Earth Begins…From the creators of Age of Empires and Age Empires II: The Age of Kings, comes Age of Mythology: Gold Edition.

    http://baixe.net/imgs/download1610.jpgEnter an age when powerful heroes led mighty armies of fearsome beasts and warriors. A time when the gods could tip the scale of a battle with lightning, meteors, tornados and more. Start your conquest with the original award winning Age of Mythology then move up to the Titans Expansion.


    • Epic Campaigns. Age of Mythology: Gold Edition features two single-player campaigns: a 35-scenario campaign that allows players to take part in an epic mythological tale, inspired by a number of popular myths, and the Age of Mythology: The Titans single-player campaign.
    • Twelve Legendary Civilizations. Players guide their people to greatness by commanding all aspects of their empire: gathering resources, raising massive armies and waging war with enemies, establishing profitable trade routes, building new settlements, improving production or military might, as they advance through four distinct ages and experience the unique cultures of Norse, Greek, Egyptian and Atlantean civilizations.
    • Incredible God Powers. Age of Mythology: Gold Edition brings the ancient world to life in more detail than ever before with exciting gameplay elements and characters. It will unveil the incredible powers of the gods – these include forest fires, frosts, meteors, lightning and plagues. In addition, myth units and human units allow gamers to build their civilization and go into battle in a nearly infinite number of ways.
    • Multiplayer with up to 8 players. Build civilizations, or play against others with easy-to-use multiplayer gaming online and single-player games against the AI opponents through Ensemble Studios’ Online at http://www.eso.com.

    System Requirements

    • Microsoft® Windows® 98/Me/XP/2000
    • PC with 450 MHz equivalent or higher processor
    • 128 MB of system RAM
    • 1.5 GB available hard disk space
    • 32x speed or faster CD-ROM drive
    • 16 MB video card required
    • Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio
    • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
    • 56.6 Kbps or better modem for online play


    AoM: TQBW2-33XP7-XR46J-HJKCP-3GWH3

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    Size: 973.68 MB

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        Absolutely.This is just a fantastic movie. It also turend me on to Brian Froud’s artwork which is always amazing. I can still remember watching that making of special they had on ABC back in the day. :)

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      toom bhan kaa loda hoo salo chutand gando apne agar yaa game chala too thick haa warna tumari sabki maa chood doonaga

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      Happy downloading !

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        Try this – http://www.gamerslove.com/free/games-64mb-video-graphic-card

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