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  • Activision Anthology: Remix Edition
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    Gameplay 8.5
    Graphics 9
    Sound 9
    Difficulty Medium
    Concept 9
    Multiplayer 9.5
    Overall 8.9

    A collection of over 70 games.


    Following the well-received release of Activision Anthology  for the PlayStation 2 console, Mumbo Jumbo has ported the collection for play on home computers, and included a few additional games along the way. This PC “Remix Edition” of the title offers faithful emulations of over 70 classics from the early days of video gaming’s first third-party developer.

    In addition to the many hours of ’80s gaming, a soundtrack of pop songs from the era is featured as well. Other bonus features include interviews with developers and original television commercials for a number of the featured games. Rounding out the nostalgic experience is the collection’s front-end interface, which is styled like a 1980s gamer’s bedroom, featuring a television, radio, and other equipment appropriate to the time period.

    The home computer version of Activision Anthology includes essentially every game produced by Activision and published for the Atari VCS, as well as a number of prototypes made available to the gaming public in this title for the first time.


    The games included are:
    Activision Prototype #1 (puzzle game with coloured squares)
    Activision Prototype #2 (Frogger-like with a flea and platforms)
    Atlantis 2
    Baseball (Pete Rose Baseball)
    Bloody Human Freeway
    Chopper Command
    Climber 5 (homebrew)
    Cosmic Ark
    Cosmic Commuter
    Decathlon (The Activision Decathlon)
    Demon Attack
    Fire Fighter
    Fishing Derby
    Grand Prix
    Ice Hockey
    Kabobber (previously unreleased)
    Keystone Kapers
    Laser Blast
    Laser Gates
    Megamania: A Space Nightmare
    No Escape!
    Okie Dokie (homebrew)
    Oystron (homebrew)
    Pitfall II: Lost Caverns
    Plaque Attack
    Pressure Cooker
    Private Eye
    Quick Step
    Riddle of the Sphinx
    River Raid
    River Raid II
    Robot Tank
    Shootin’ Gallery
    Skeleton+ (homebrew)
    Sky Patrol
    Sky Jinks
    Solar Storm
    Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space
    SpaceThreat Deluxe (homebrew)
    Spider Fighter
    Star Voyager
    Titlematch Pro Wrestling (Alex DeMeo’s Title Match Pro Wrestling)
    Thwocker (previously unreleased)
    Tomcat F14 (Dan Kitchen’s Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator)
    Trick Shot
    Vault Assault
    Venetian Blinds
    Video Euchre (homebrew)
    Wing War

    System Requirements

    Minimum Requirements

    Operating System: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
    Processor: Pentium II 450 Mhz or Higher
    Video Card: 32 MB Video Card
    Hard Drive: 270 MB HD
    CD-ROM: 4x or Faster
    RAM: 128 MB RAM

    Recommended Requirements

    Pentium III 550 MHz
    256 MB RAM

    Download Links

    Download full version pc games free

    Fileserve Links   ( 361.44 MB )


    Password: Opus

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