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  • A Game of Thrones Genesis
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    Download Size: 1.86 GB

    What King will you be? Conqueror, Usurper or Diplomat? “A Game of Thrones – Genesis” immerses you into the heart of the battles and intrigues between the Houses that shaped the Kingdom of Westeros. From Nymeria’s arrival in the Kingdom of Dorne to the awakening of the “Others” beyond the Wall, you’ll live the origins of A Game of Thrones…

    You’ll live the origins of A Game of Thrones saga through more than 1000 years of history, by taking part in Westeros’ founding events and largest battles. In this great strategy game, victory does not necessarily result from brute force. You can choose to use a military approach and besiege your opponents, strangle them in an economical war, or even use dirty tricks and diplomacy to politically crush them. Treachery and deception are everywhere and can be more efficient than the most powerful army. So watch your back and show no mercy if you want to keep sat on the Iron Throne.


    * The video game adaptation of the fantasy saga “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin.
    * A deep and exciting gameplay combining strategy, diplomacy and politics.
    * Discover the origins of the universe of the Iron Throne through the Story mode, and participate in major conflicts that have shaped Westeros.
    * Compete against up to 7 other players in multiplayer. Form alliances, break them, show subtle tactics and crush your opponents!

    – Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.2 GHZ
    – Memory: 1024 MB (XP) / 2048 MB (VISTA/7)
    – DirectX®: 9
    – Hard Drive: 2.5 GB

    1. Unrar
    2. Run installer
    3. Apply crack (included)
    4. Enjoy

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    1.86 GB

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      how to download???

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      • Kleyton
        April 23, 2014
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        It’s so fun to watch a young girl’s face fall. Ha ha, sucker! Your body hates joy. And tight skin. Enjoy it while it lasts!Angelus wludon’t befriend you, hell no! Darla would be too bored after the first few words out of Alton’s mouth.I really think that’s what happened. I feel like they set that up pretty clearly with the whole But if Theon comes here, he might torture these poor boys to death moment. FINGERS CROSSED, SUE.Plus, I think there would have been a bigger reaction from Theon. That grossed out, eyes-averted gaze of his was just for Holy shit, I am now the killer of children, instead of These boys were like brothers to me. Which, obviously, would be some eye rolling and Adam’s apple bobbing. And a single perfect tear knuckled away before Cheney saw it.

    • sdfrew
      November 18, 2013
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      edfhyy yty t5

    • Enter your Narfgrfgme
      November 18, 2013
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      • Aleksandr
        April 23, 2014
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        Just then, Cheney’s all side-mouthing “WMDs” and head-nodding at a hay pile, and Theon gets a gleam in his eye.Rickon: the yellowcake-eating, wunlat-smashing future of House Stark. He’ll go nuclear on your Iron Island arses just wait.And man, do I love Alfie Allen as Theon. Every time you think he’s reached the Outer Limits of Douchebagability, he goes and raises the bar. All while showing his life spinning irrevocably out of control. “So…we’re just openly talking about that now?”Oh my god, I loved that scene. Tyrion was all like Gods, are you really and, you just did. AWKWARD. Maybe I can bring Robert back into it somehow

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      March 1, 2012
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      thank u

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        April 25, 2014
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        As Charlie Sheen says, this article is “WNNINIG!”

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