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  • 1944: Battle of the Bulge
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    http://img.game.co.uk/ml/3/3/7/8/337888ps.gif Publisher: Digital Jesters

    Publisher 2: Monte Cristo Multimedia

    Category: Strategy

    Release Dates

    Intl – 04/01/2005

    Gameplay Screenshots




    1944: Battle of the Bulge is the third and final game in the series of World War 2 real time strategy games from Digital Reality. The previous two titles were Desert Rats vs Afrika Corps and D Day. With 1944: Battle of the Bulge you get to continue the historical trek through World War 2 by playing as either the Allies or Axis powers.


    1944 Battle of the Bulge single player version contains 3 campaigns and over 20 missions in which battle maps have been historically recreated using strategic and geographic information and images from the actual battles. These missions will place you on the front line and behind enemy lines of this historic battle. 1944: Battle of the Bulge also includes 10 multiplayer maps and 3 game modes that have been meticulously created in the same fashion as the single player maps.


    • 3 single player campaigns and 20 exciting missions, allow you to lead the Axis and Allied forces through some of the most notorious battles of World War II.
    • 10 multiplayer maps playable in 3 different game modes (for up to 4 players) via LAN or Internet (powered by Gamespy).
    • Real-time strategy visualized in full 3D, with realistic graphics and sounds creating an authentic historical atmosphere.
    • 15 new units and weapons (Nebelwerfer, SDK FZ 251, Jagdpanther…)
    • More than 85 different units in total available, each with its own characteristics (riflemen, artillery, tanks, air support…)
    • Winter atmosphere: snowy textured environments, new trees (meshes and textures, completely re-textured vehicles and soldiers equipped with winter camouflage.
    • Stress has been put on the tactical aspects of war: army management, battle preparation, varied combat tactics, and realism of combats.
    • Pause feature: think over tactics at any time and schedule up as many orders per unit as you want.

    System Requirements

    Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
    Pentium III 1.0 GHz
    256 MB of RAM
    1.2 GB of free hard disk space
    DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 64 MB of RAM
    DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

    Download Links

    Fileserve Links ( ISO & FULL )

    Total Size:

    748.26 MB


    password : mcxlvii

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    • ...
      September 5, 2014
      Reply #1

      demo değildir inşallah

    • ahmed
      November 30, 2013
      Reply #2

      nice game and thank you

    • Enter your Name
      September 27, 2013
      Reply #3



      • Enter your Name
        November 29, 2013
        Reply #4


    • Enter your Name
      September 23, 2013
      Reply #5


    • Enter your Name
      September 23, 2013
      Reply #6


    • Katita
      March 26, 2012
      Reply #7

      super e pesenta!! i vyv vyksra s tva moje da postnete i noviq mix na never say die mix-nat ot Skism inache za 4km .. mnogo sym se nadyhal da hodq dano samo da ne izkochat nqkoi neochakvani angajimenti )) pozdravi basstards

    • Enter your Name
      November 23, 2011
      Reply #8

      gracias thanks 100% ok ok

      • Open
        April 23, 2014
        Reply #9

        Wanted to see this movie when I was in Taiwan, but didn’t have a chance to . Wasn’t sure if it’s gonna be aonther war film with big names but little substance. How did you get a copy of this? I would love to watch it, especially after reading your review. Saw Sweeny Todd recently, strongly recommended it! As usual Tim Burton did a great job on the graphics, a bit too boodly for me though; the duets are quite impressive as well. The film has a early to mid 18 century atmosphere in London, dirty, gloomy, and ruthless. BTW, just found out you have a blog, with well-written articles too. Don’t know how to type Chinese on my computer, bummer.

    • unimatrix
      November 23, 2011
      Reply #10

      Traducción para 1944: Battle of the Bulge

      -Copia el archivo “LockitText.txt” dentro del directorio “Local\Spanish”
      (ubicado en la carpeta donde quedo instalado el juego), y reemplaza el archivo existente. en : C:\Archivos de programa\Monte Cristo\1944\Local\English.

      Win 7 ok 100%

    • ahmed
      August 20, 2011
      Reply #11

      i want akey for active this game

    • Enter your Name
      June 17, 2011
      Reply #12


    • Hey Bro
      May 14, 2011
      Reply #13

      uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is this a cool game and give me a rating?

    • هاني
      April 2, 2011
      Reply #14

      انا لسه بنزلها ماشي بتحتاج كراك

    • Enter your Name
      February 24, 2011
      Reply #15

      its not support with windows 7 the starforce driver

      • dopeman
        March 6, 2011
        Reply #16

        Try to change the compatibility mode to Windows XP. Use right click.

        • Cookie
          July 16, 2013
          Reply #17

          Google ‘starforce windows 7 patch’, then download and install it to make it compatible with windows 7

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