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  • 18 Wheels Of Steel Across America
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    Gameplay 8.5
    Graphics 7
    Sound 7
    Difficulty Medium
    Concept 9
    Multiplayer N/A
    Overall 8.5

    Gameplay Screenshots



    Operate Your Private Trucking Business and Drive 18 Wheeled Semis All Over the Country!
    You are the owner of a brand new trucking company and you answer to no one. Ship cargo around America and raise your trucking empire to become America’s number one carrier.
    Live the Life of a Self-Employed Trucker
    Start with nothing but a truck and build your trucking empire. You must deliver your cargo on time or it’ll cost you money and future jobs.
    Don’t rush too fast because you’ll damage your rig and don’t forget to hit the rest stops along the way or you’ll be sorry.



    • Feel the power of 15 mammoth machines as you rumble down the highway at 80 mph.
    • Haul 30+ types of goods including livestock, chemicals and mobile homes, cross country to bring in the big bucks.
    • Rule the roads as you drive your mammoth over 1000s of miles of highway across the continuous 48 states.
    • Control each delivery for maximum payout, but-don’t overload your rigs or damage them during transport. Mistakes cost you money and future jobs.
    • Slackers need not apply! Start with little cash and prove you’ve got the guts to risk it all. Make it big in the world of trucking and use your cash to add dozens of upgrades to your trucks.
    • Prove you ain’t no amateur big rigger. Back up to loading docks, manage your fuel and maintain your trucks in peak condition.
    • You asked for it! Now you can hit the road to build your reputation coast to coast. Transport cargo across 48 states.
    • Can you handle the pressure? Protect your delivery times and your bottom line against accidents, bad weather and even the police. How are you going to handle these trucking nightmares?

    Play A Few Different Game Types

    Choose from 5 different game modes.

    • In “Become a Millionaire,” be the first competitor to reach the $1 Million mark to win.
    • In “Devil of the Western Coast,” it’s up to you to pick up cargo from Seattle and deliver it to Los Angeles as fast as possible.
    • In “New York Cargo Madness,”you have limited time to deliver a trailer with special cargo to New York but, the cargo can only be found at one loading dock, either Seattle, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. If you pick right and deliver it to the correct city within the time limit, you win.
    • “The Longest Journey” requires you to deliver goods from Miami to Seattle, the longest trip in the game.
    • “Free Mode” has no restrictions so you can build your company as you please.

    System Requirements

    Minimum System Requirements
    Windows 98/Me/XP
    Processor: Pentium 3
    DirectX 8.1
    256 MB RAM
    Free hard drive space: 400 MB
    3D Accelerator 16MB Directx 8.1
    16-bits Sound Card

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